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Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier PRO (16-20 Weeks)
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Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier PRO (16-20 Weeks)

Product Information

Precious Metal Verifiers are NOT in stock. They are available as a pre-order item. The lead time for the PMV PRO is currently 16-20 weeks.

Please note: for international orders, the PMV must be ordered by itself.  It cannot be combined with other items.

 The Precious Metal Verifier PRO is the second generation testing device from Sigma Metalytics that utilizes patented technology to measure the resistivity of the metal and compare it to known values.  The PMV PRO improves upon the original PMV by testing multiple factors.  The PRO can test the surface resistivity, the resistivity all the way through the metal, measure the thickness of the metal, and evaluate the overall dimensions to check the density of the metal.  The PMV PRO is non-destructive and in many cases can evaluate a coin or bar without removing it from the packaging.  The PMV PRO is one of the most advanced devices available for detecting counterfeit coins and bullion.

The PMV PRO has settings for:

Pure Gold
22K 91.7% Gold (balance copper)
10% Gold (balance copper)
American Eagle Gold
98.6% Gold
Pure Silver
92.5% Sterling Silver
90% Coin Silver 1945+
90% Coin Silver 1900 - 1945
90% Coin Silver pre-1900
96% Britannia Silver

Each PMV PRO comes with a hard shell case with custom foam insert, a USB cable and charger, and a calibration disk.

See the video review below for more information.



Wands & Accessories

The PMV PRO can be ordered as the standalone base unit or with optional external sensors to expand the range of shapes and sizes the PMV PRO can test. The sensors must be factory calibrated to the base unit, so adding wands later would require shipping the unit back to the manufacturer. When ordered as a package with the base unit, the wands are available at a discount to the list price and with no additional shipping cost.

The external wands test surface resistivity only, as with the Original PMV. The External Bridge tests all the way through the sample, as with the bridge sensors on the PMV PRO base unit.

Please refer to the manufacturer's Sensor Selection Guide & Chart for more details on the external sensors.

Please make your selection from the drop-down "Product Options" box when adding the PMV PRO to your shopping cart.

Small Wand

PMV PRO Small Wand

The Small Wand can test the surface resistivity of fractional coin and bullion items down to approximately 1/20 troy ounce or one gram size.

Large Wand

PMV PRO Large Wand

The Large Wand is useful for testing the surface resistivity of some coins in numismatic slabs that are too small for the Large Bridge Sensor, such as half ounce coins.

Refiners Wand

PMV PRO Refiners Wand

The Refiners Wand penetrates deeper into the metal than either the Small Wand or the Large Wand, and 60-70% deeper than the Bullion Wand that is available for the Original PMV. The Refiners Wand is intended for testing gold and silver bars that are too large to fit under the Large Bridge Sensor on the PMV PRO base unit. Bars must be at least 12.5mm thick to use the Refiners Wand.

External Bridge

PMV PRO External Bridge

The External Bridge adds a third, larger bridge sensor to the PMV PRO that measures all the way through the metal. The External Bridge is intended for testing large items such as 100 oz silver bars and 400 oz gold bars. The bar must be at least 50mm wide and between 12.5mm and 45mm thick to use the External Bridge. A video demonstrating the External Bridge is available here.

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Price: $1675.00

Brand/Manufacturer: Sigma Metalytics

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