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Shire Post Mint 1/10 Troy Ounce Copper Overstrike
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Shire Post Mint 1/10 Troy Ounce Copper Overstrike

Product Information

AMERICAN MINED, AMERICAN MADE. That is the motto inscribed on the obverse side of these copper bullion pieces. The motto alludes to the fact that before 1982 the copper used in US pennies was mined, smelted, and processed by American workers in the United States of America.  The alloy that was used is 95% copper and 5% zinc.  In 1982 the US Congress and Treasury switched the metal content of the penny to copper plated zinc, and outsourced the zinc metal supply to other countries, stripping them of both intrinsic and cultural value.

Shire Post Mint has "overstruck" a quantity of carefully sorted and selected copper cents, redefining them from currency to bullion. The reverse side is inscribed "1/10 ounce .950 copper" which alludes to the fact that the 3.1 gram weight of the copper cent is in fact equal to 1/10 troy ounce, the weight standard by which all precious metals are measured.

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Brand/Manufacturer: Shire Post Mint

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Product Code: 872-1002
Reviews / Comments
Overstruck Copper Coins
"I purchased and imported a bag of these coins into Canada recently. It was fun showing them to the border guard who commented she had never seen coins like this before. My wife, who is not really a coin person, lit up when she saw these coins and even played with them for a while. The coins are even better than the photos! Wider than the pennies they started as, they have deep strong struck impressions that you can really feel and appreciate. The storage sack is also very nicely designed and flawlessly executed. All very professionally done and a real pleasure to own. I store my copper bullion rounds in the custom storage sack, inside a sandwich size ziplock bag to protect it from soiling. I have already seen my coins go up in value, and they still represent great value at the listed price. A very cool collectable from a recognized hobby mint that carries the political message "American Mined American Made" and features the bullion markings on the reverse."
Jul 22 2008, 01:44 AMby Cameron

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